Galena Cemetery

The Village began operating the historic Galena Cemetery, at 255 N. Walnut Street in 2016. (Location map).

Aerial photo of Galena cemetery

See Galena Cemetery Rules & Fees to help you with planning your cemetery needs.

To buy a grave space, schedule a burial, or for other cemetery needs and information, contact the Village offices at 740-965-2484.

Galena Cemetery is fascinating from the historical standpoint.  

Genealogists and historians find Galena Cemetery an interesting location for their research. The earliest burials here, include people who were born before the American Revolution. One can also observe headstones bearing the family names for which local road were named such as Dustin, Plumb, and  Alexander. There are also United States military veterans interred here, representing all the military conflicts.  

The Galena Historic Foundation maintains documentation about the historical background of individuals buried here.

Galena Cemetery Location Map

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