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The Village of Galena, Ohio

As of June 2021, the Village’s public meetings  resumed being held at the Village Hall, 109 Harrison Street.  Seating will be limited for the time being for the COVID-19 protocols.  Most of these public meetings will also be live-streamed via the Internet so the public can watch the meetings live and participate remotely.
Links to those meetings will be displayed here. Check back often.

Announcements & News

BST&G Fire District has installed a Safe Haven Baby Box located on the east end of the fire station at 350 West Cherry Street in Sunbury.  See the details here.

This is the 4th Safe Haven Baby Box available in Ohio and the 56th in the nation.

Ohio’s Safe Haven Law allows people to anonymously surrender their healthy newborn without fear of criminal prosecution at any fire station, police station, or hospital as long as the child appears to be
30 days or less and unharmed.

The Safe Haven Baby Box provides a last resort option to surrender an infant, eliminating the face-to-face interaction with emergency medical personnel and ensuring a safe surrender of a newborn infant. The Safe Haven Baby Box is a final resource for women in crisis who want 100% anonymity to ensure their baby’s safe surrender.

The Safe Haven Baby Box organization also staffs a 24-hour hotline (1-866-99BABY1) to give women the opportunity to talk to a trained professional as they consider safely surrendering their baby.

Village of Galena is conducting its council and committee meetings both in-person and remotely via the Internet.  Seating at the village hall will be limited for the time being.  Follow this link for instructions to observe and participate in these events via the web or phone.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Village Council Meeting, December 20, 2021 (see the details here)
  • Village Council Organizational Meeting, January 4, 2022 (details to be announced)

Village of Galena’s offices are currently CLOSED to public walk-ins. However, we are still providing the essential services you need, and meetings can be scheduled. 

COVID-19 is still a Class A reportable disease.  Therefore, isolation and quarantine protocols will remain in place (such as when an individual has been exposed or is infected).  This flowchart by the Delaware Public Health District can help guide decisions about whether to quarantine or isolate after a person is exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Click here to find the most current and accurate information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our new website is still a work in progress, with much more content to be added.  If you don’t find what you’re seeking here, please contact the village offices at 740-965-2484. Or send email to contact@galenaohio.gov or via this contact form.

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