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Code compliance is the prevention, detection, and investigation of violations of regulations that affect public health, safety, general welfare of the community, business activities, building standards, land-use, or municipal affairs. The regulations include various federal and state statutes plus village ordinances, all of which are in place to protect our health, safety, and quality of life.

These rules cover a wide variety of topics such as  standards for new land developments, zoning, private property maintenance, stormwater management, and floodplain management.

The Village Zoning Inspector

This member of the village staff is responsible for processing building permit applications, providing building and zoning code information to land developers, builders and residents, coordination of plan review and inspection services, which are done by outside contractors, and provides staff support to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Contact the Zoning Inspector to find out what the approval process will entail for a project being planned. 

Building and Zoning Permits

Many projects require both zoning approval and a  permit.   Be sure to contact the Village code compliance office as early as possible in your project planning, to find out what approvals and fees will be involved.  This way, you can avoid unanticipated delays or costs to comply with the regulations.

Contact the Zoning Inspector to find out what permits and fees will be needed for your project. 

Property Maintenance

The Village government has enacted ordinances to ensure that the community remains in a safe, sanitary and attractive condition.  These regulations pertain to properties where structures have been allowed to decay; have accumulations of rubbish, garbage or abandoned vehicles; have uncontrolled weed or plant growth; or have otherwise become a nuisance to the occupants or neighboring property owners by being a safety issue, health hazard, or are creating a blighting effect on the neighborhood.

The most common nuisance complaints are about:

  • Overgrown lawn;
  • Overgrown vegetation encroaching on sidewalks, streets, blocking street signs, impeding driver sight distance;
  • Accumulation of junk, trash, debris;
  • Junk vehicles;
  • Buildings with missing siding, loose soffits, loose gutters and downspouts, etc.

Property Maintenance Enforcement

The Village’s Code Compliance Officer will investigate complaints from residents and, if warranted, will notify the property owner or other responsible persons that the nuisance condition exists and request that they remedy the situation.  The Village is authorized by ordinance to proceed with further action is necessary.

If you have a concern to report contact the Code Compliance Officer, and also be sure to complete the Property Maintenance Zoning Complaint Form.

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