Galena Village Mayor

Welcome to Galena!

I’m pleased and honored to be the mayor of this great community.  

When my family and I moved here, we knew this is a place with just the right blend of small-town character, natural beauty, and convenience to all the other amenities of Central Ohio.  I hope you do too.

Mayor Jill K. Love

311 Caleb’s Court
Galena, Ohio 43021

Term Start: Jan 1, 2020
Term End: Dec 31, 2023

Delaware Co Regional Planning Commission
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

The powers and duties of the mayor  include:
  • Serving as the “chief conservator of the peace” within the Village
  • Performing all duties as prescribed by the bylaws and ordinances of the Village
  • Seeing that all ordinances, bylaws and resolutions of the Village are faithfully obeyed and enforced
  • Serving as the president of the Village Council
  • Presiding at all regular and special meetings of the Village Council, but having no vote except in the case of a tie
  • Supervising the conduct of all of the officers of the Village
  • Inquiring into and examining the grounds of all reasonable complaints against any officers
  • Appointing the Village Administrator and Fiscal Officer, subject to the approval by the majority of the Village Council
  • Having all other powers and performing all other duties as provided by law
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