Welcome to Galena!

Information for New Residents and Businesses

Welcome to Galena! We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to live in this community with the beauty of its natural attributes, accessibility to a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities, and still be within the vibrant Central Ohio economy.

The following information will help acquaint you with the area and Village services. We have done our best to list names and numbers, however, we are not responsible for changes for which we are not notified. 

First, check here to confirm the government jurisdiction where you’re located. 

Move-in Checklist

Village of Galena Government

Village offices are located at 109 Harrison Street. Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m.-3p.m. You may contact Village staff at 740-965-2484 or at the e-mail addresses listed here.

The Village issues a periodic electronic newsletter to keep local residents and other interested parties informed about Village activities, Council actions, and other news. Contact the Village offices to be added to the e-mail distribution list.

Galena’s government is organized in accordance with Article XVIII of the Ohio Constitution and in Title 7 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). Galena’s elected officials include a six-member council, which is the legislative branch, and a mayor. Village employees handle the day-to-day operations.

Village Council meets on fourth Mondays, 7 p.m., at the village hall. Planning & Zoning Commission meetings are on third Wednesdays, 7 p.m., at the village hall. All meetings are open to the public and agendas are posted on bulletin boards at Miller Park, Ruffner Park, the Galena Post Office, 9 West Columbus Street, and Galena Village Hall as well as on this website.

The Community Activities Committee plans and coordinates a variety of special events throughout the year such as an Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Costume Contest, and the Christmas Tree Lighting/Santa Event. A calendar and fliers for these events will be posted around town and this website. We welcome you to volunteer on this committee!

Emergency Services

Fire-Police-Medical Emergencies: 911
BST&G Fire Department, non-emergency: 740-965-3841
Delaware County Sheriff, non-emergency: 740-833-2800
State Highway Patrol, non-emergency: 740-363-1392
Village of Galena does not have its own police department.

Income Tax

The Village of Galena has a one percent (1%) income tax. We do not have reciprocal agreements with other entities, so if you live or work in the Village, you must pay income taxes. The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) handles the tax collection and services for the Village. RITA’s local phone number is 614-538-0512, and their toll-free Ohio number is 1-800-860-7482. Be sure to call RITA to set up an account.


Water Service

Water is supplied and billed by Del-Co Water Company, Inc., 740-548-7746.

Sewer Service

Sewage treatment service is provided by the Village. Contact the village fiscal office to set up a new account, at 740-965-2484. Sewer lines inside the Village and located within the public right-of-way are owned and maintained by the Village of Galena. For problems with these lines, call the village administrator at 740-965-2484. The lines from the public right-of-way into your home are the property owner’s responsibility.

Sewer bills are $59.49/month = $178.47/quarter per residential sewer tap.

Bills Mailed Out For Quarter of the Year Payment Due
February 3 February - March - April March 10
May 1 May - June - July June 10
August 1 August - September - October September 10
November 1 November - December - January December 10

The Village offers several convenient payment options:

• Mail payments to the Village of Galena, PO Box 386, Galena, OH 43021. Call the fiscal office staff with any question at 740-965-2484.
• Set up monthly sewer bill payments with no additional fees at the First Commonwealth Bank, Sunbury Branch, 75 S. Miller Drive, Sunbury. To initiate this, take your sewer bill with you to the bank.
• Set up automatic payments to have $59.49 debited from your checking account at any bank on the 8th of each month. Forms are available at the Village office and on the Village’s website.

The property owner is responsible for sewer bills regardless of whether the dwelling is occupied or vacant. Be sure to pay on time to avoid penalties and further action. Past due accounts are charged a 10% late fee on the outstanding balance, per quarter. When payments are more than one quarter late, the Village may add a property tax lien in order to collect the overdue payments. If payments are severely overdue, the Village can shut off sewer service to the property. Disconnection and reconnection will occur at the owner’s expense.

Onsite septic systems are not permitted within the village’s corporate jurisdiction (except under the rare situation of a pre-existing residence in an unincorporated area at the time it is annexed into the village). If you are planning to build a new house that will need to be connected to the village’s sewer system, or planning to replace an existing septic system, then contact the village office about the tap-in fee and inspection procedures.


Streets and drainage located within the Village limits

For problems with streets or drainage, call the Galena village administrator at 740-965-2484.

Other utilities and service contacts

Electric: AEP, 1-800-277-2177
Gas: Columbia Gas, 1-800-344-4077
Phone: Century Link, 1-800-407-5411
Cable: Time Warner, 1-800-617-4311
TV: DIRECTTV 1-877-916-5137
Internet: Frontier 1-877-293-0426
Ohio Dept. of Commerce Cable TV Customer Hotline: 1-800-686-7826

Trash and Recycling Service

The Village of Galena has an exclusive residential contract with Rumpke. Village households should contact Rumpke (1-800-828-8171) to set up an account for trash and recycling collection (Wednesdays). The pickup schedule can be found here.

Addresses and Postal Service

Galena Post Office

The Galena zip code is 43021. The Galena Post Office, 34 W. Park St., Galena, Ohio 43021, serves a much larger geographic area than the village’s municipal corporate boundaries. Although the post office is located in Galena, its service area encompasses not just the Village of Galena but also portions of Trenton, Harlem, Genoa, Berlin, Berkshire, and Orange Townships. Therefore, having a Galena 43021 mailing address does not necessarily mean that you live within the Village of Galena limits. Call 740-965-2371 for post office hours and services.

House Numbers

House numbers are assigned by the Village. If you are planning to have a house built, contact the Village office at 740-965-2484 to have your house number assigned.

House numbers shall be displayed on each residence and installed so as to be plainly visible from the street. Numbers shall be a minimum of 3 inches in height and finished in a color to contrast with the background on which they are placed. House numbers shall usually be placed near the main entrance to the building and shall be firmly secured and maintained at all times in good condition.

House number identification is to be affixed to the top section of the mailbox post above the level of the top of the mailbox. The address numeral shall be not less than 3.5 inches and be no more than 4 inches in vertical height. Numerals shall be painted black and installed vertically on both sides of the main post support facing the street. Address numbers shall identify the property with the numbers in proper descending order, correctly spaced, from the top of the post down, and securely fastened in place to manufacturer’s directions.

Mailbox Specifications

The mailbox post assembly is to be a minimum 4 inch by 4 inch, unfinished cedar, with cross arm and support bracket, cantilever type, as approved by the Postal Service for standard residential applications.

The support post is to be buried not less than 36 inches below finished yard grade and backfilled with gravel, set plumb and tamped firm. Driven steel post support mounting brackets are acceptable if approved for postal use and installed to full manufacturer’s specifications.

The mailbox container is to be a standard black steel postal service approved letterbox, with all related required equipment, mounting material, fasteners, flag, and door, all in serviceable condition. It should be mounted level, to postal regulation height of not less than 42 inches and not more than 45 inches measured from the finished yard grade to the bottom of the mailbox. The opening of the box shall face the street or in a direction approved by the local Postmaster. The front or opening side of the mailbox container shall not extend beyond the front face of the curb or as otherwise approved by the Postmaster. Emergency 911 house numbers shall not be installed on any part of the mailbox assembly.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Whether you’re planting a tree, shrub or garden, aerating your yard, installing a mailbox or building a fence or deck, Ohio law requires you to contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) at least 48 hours beforehand. The service is free. Call 800-362-2764 or 8-1-1 or use the online reporting system at www.oups.org. Knowing where gas, electric and other facilities cross your property will help protect your life, your property, and your wallet.

Big Walnut Schools

Galena is served by the Big Walnut School District. With new home growth in the school district, check with district officials regarding any possible redistricting that could change where your students will attend. The district’s administrative offices are 740-965-3010.

Snow Removal

The Village is responsible for snow removal on all Village streets. (Streets in new developments may not yet be turned over to the Village so may still be the developer’s responsibility.) The main streets are the first priority, then residential streets. Snow removal in alleys will be a third priority.

The Village is not responsible for accessibility to private driveways. We ask that residents be vigilant about keeping their sidewalks cleared for everyone’s safety. Please do not cause a hazard by shoveling or plowing your snow onto streets or sidewalks.

Residents must move their vehicles from all streets or risk being towed in the event of a snow emergency when:  

Voter Registration

The Village of Galena’s polling place is at the Galena United Methodist Church, 2777 Sunbury Rd. To register to vote, contact the Delaware County Board of Elections at 740-833-2080 or find them through the county’s website.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Delaware Ohio

To obtain a driver’s license or register your vehicle, contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Delaware at 740-369-3552.


The Galena Cemetery, located on 255 N. Walnut Street, is operated by the village. Contact Village of Galena at 740-965-2484 Monday through Thursday 8:00 to 4:00pm and Friday 9:00 to 3:00.

Zoning Permits

The Village has regulations concerning land use and property maintenance. Village and/or county permits might be required for certain types of projects such as (but not limited to) new buildings; alteration of existing buildings; installations of fences, decks, pools, and signs; changes of land or building use; and so forth. While a project is still in the planning phase, be sure to contact the Village zoning inspector/code compliance officer for guidance about what permits will be needed and the application/review process.

Also be aware that some neighborhood areas are also governed by the rules of private homeowners/condominium associations, which are not the responsibility of the Village government but are enforced by the associations.

Recreational Facilities

Ruffner Park

The Village’s Ruffner Park, 170 Harrison St., features a shelter house, playground, volleyball court, and softball diamond, all situated along Big Walnut Creek. To reserve the shelter house for $25, call 740-965-2484. Reservation forms may be obtained from the Village offices or on the Village website. The shelter house can also be used on a first come, first served basis.

Miller Park

The Village’s Miller Park, 268 N. Walnut St., features a train-themed playground, basketball court, volleyball court, paved walking trail, and a picnic gazebo. Miller Park facilities are available free on a first come, first served basis.


The Village has a number of paved trails and is working to connect its neighborhoods and trail system as part of the larger statewide Ohio-to-Erie Trail.

The Ohio-to-Erie Trail itself goes through Galena, utilizing the former Penn Central Railroad corridor. The right-of-way was acquired by the Village, including the bridge over little Walnut Creek, and the trail paved from Dustin Road to the Sunbury corporation line. A trailhead parking lot is located where the trail crosses N. Walnut Street, which was the location of the former Galena railroad station. Galena’s section of the Ohio-to-Erie Trail is designated as the Thomas W. Hopper Legacy Trail in honor of the former mayor’s vision and role in completing this section of the statewide trail.

Between Dustin Road and Walnut Street, the bridge over the Little Walnut Creek provides a scenic overlook and is a popular bird watching spot. The trail also features an overlook deck offering a peaceful picnic location. Galena’s trail facilities are available free on a first come, first served basis.

Between Walnut Street and Holmes Street, the trail goes through Miller Park. A portable restroom is available here.

Between Holmes Street and Village of Sunbury, the trail passes by the location of the former world-famous Galena Shale Tile and Brick Company, and connects the Heathermere and Arrowhead Lake Estates subdivisions, plus other neighborhoods in Sunbury. The trail also provides connectivity to Big Walnut Elementary School, the library, and other points of interest in Sunbury.

Another corridor of natural scenery in the Village, is the Walnut Creek Trail which goes between Harrison Street and Joe Walker Road, including the Kane’s Crossing bridge over Big Walnut Creek. This trail connects to the Walnut Creek subdivision on Joe Walker Road. It is intended that this trail will eventually be extended both north to Sunbury and points east as new land developments occur in the future. It is also intended that someday the trail will extend westerly from Harrison Street and connect to the Ohio-to-Erie Trail.

As new housing subdivisions come along, they will also incorporate connectivity to the overall trail network.

Hoover Reservoir and the Boardwalk

These facilities are owned and managed by the City of Columbus. This is a water supply reservoir for the City and much of the Franklin County population.

Galena is located at the confluence of Big Walnut and Little Walnut creeks at the mouth of Hoover Reservoir. The lake offers fishing and boating and features several parks. Several areas along Little and Big Walnut Creeks in the Galena vicinity, are designated by City of Columbus as nature preserves and are protected as such.

The lake and its mudflats are an important migratory bird stopover and are popular bird watching spots. The 1,500-foot Hoover Boardwalk located off Front St. is owned and managed by Columbus. Osprey platforms have been installed by local volunteers to assist in reintroducing the “fish hawks” in Central Ohio. Eagles frequent the area and the entire Hoover area is also recognized by ornithologists as being a highly successful breeding location for Prothonotary Warblers.

For more information, contact the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department at 614-645-3300 or see their website

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