Do you actually live in Galena?

It's important to know which jurisdiction you're in​

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) zip code 43021, with its post office located in the town of Galena, covers a large service area encompassing not just Village of Galena but also portions of Trenton, Harlem, Genoa, Berlin, Berkshire, and Orange Townships.

USPS zip code areas usually have no correlation with political jurisdictions such as county lines, township lines, corporation lines of villages or cities, or school districts.

When someone says they live in Galena, they might or might not actually reside in the Village of Galena.  The distinction is important because the jurisdiction in which a person resides determines which entity receives their taxes, whose regulatory authority they fall under, and where they can have a voice in their local governance.

People can gain insight about their political jurisdiction, school district, and how their real estate taxes are distributed by seeing their property report on the Delaware county auditor’s website.

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