Galena is a Bee City USA®

In May 2019, the Village of Galena became the first municipality in Delaware County to become a Bee City USA affiliate. We joined more than a hundred other cities and campuses across the country united in improving their landscapes for pollinators.

Bee City USA custom logo for Galena Ohio

The objective of the Bee City USA program is to promote the conservation of pollinators such as the many bee species, butterflies, moths, beetles, hummingbirds and others that are responsible for the reproduction of almost ninety percent of the world’s flowering plant species.  This is done by raising public awareness and getting individuals and communities to sustain pollinators by providing them with productive habitat, rich in a variety of native plants and free of pesticides.

Why care about this?

All the nuts, fruits and seeds eaten by people and wildlife — including agricultural crop plants and trees — are the result of flowers being pollinated.  For some plants, pollen can be sufficiently spread by the wind.  However, most plant species rely on insects to perform this essential function. As insects and  hummingbirds feed on flower nectar, they happen to spread flower pollen in the process.  

Plants and pollinators are interdependent on each other. More flowers can support a larger population of pollinators, while more pollinators can take care of more plants. 

How can citizens help? 

  • Create pollinator-friendly habitat.
  • Minimize the use of herbicides and pesticides, and carefully follow the manufacturer’s labels.
  • Get involved with Galena’s Bee City USA committee.  Contact the village hall to inquire.

More information about pollinators and creating pollinator-friendly habitat can be found at the Bee City USA website.

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